Why do you need Print Control?

Gather and access complete information about who, what and how much everybody is printing. Inform your employees about the printing costs. Award and promote best printing practices of
your employees.


Unnecessary documents or
even personal stuff or unoptimized printing
activity is affecting your
business profits.

How much is printing costing you?



Cut your printing costs

Decreasing and controling your printing volume mean saving money.

Cut your energy costs

A laser printer consumes 400W/hour. Cutting your print activity means saving on your energy bill as well.

Optimize costs

Spot opportunities to increase cost-per-page efficiency.

Set printing limits

Set your own rules and enforce them at user level. Sometimes the only way to cut costs is to limit and block printing jobs.

Spot printing problems

Let you know also when a printer is not working the way it should. Or is simply out of paper.

Easily manage everything

These days, innovation means simplicity. Managing all printing is so easy with our interface.





Document security

Get complete details about document names, workstations and users printing. Just in case.

Alarm on print

When somebody is trying to do a 900 pages printing job or when confidential document is just about to leave your company.

Block at print

Increase company's data security protection when sensitive threats are identified and block printing leaks.

Reduce printing expenses today